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If you are not sure, why you should use this website, we will help you to figure this out 😉

Do you know about STAI? If not, don’t worry! We’ll keep this first part short.


What is STAI?

STAI is a green cryptocurrency project with the goal, to provide free food, water and electricity to people all across the world. There are about 4,400 STAI Blocks per day that are found from “farmers”. Farmers use much lower powered hard drives, rather than video cards, to show they did work to find their blocks. From every set of these blocks “found”, we get 1 STAI coin back that will be divided among different wallets. The most important one of these wallets is the Community Wallet (CW). This wallet pays for services every time someone uses the app or membership card.


Can I use STAI?

Yes! You can use STAI at several places. We have cooperations with various companies and are expanding our network around the world. You can join our community on Discord, Facebook or Twitter. From there you will find all our information.


How does this cashback service work and what impact does it have on the price of a STAI?

For your payout, we are buying STAI on an exchange. The trading volume is very low at the moment and can be volatile. With every payout we rise the price up and all your STAI will be worth more. There aren’t enough sell orders to hold the price at a low level, but STAI is currently not well-known. Most of the people who know about STAI are generating it for themselves by farming. With this cashback service, we create a unique buying interest and order flow. This will make STAI become more valuable.

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